Name of proposed Stamp

(In English & Hindi (Devnagari)


Category of Stamp
(Personality/Institute/Event/ Thematic)


Whether a Stamp or Special Cover
has already been brought out on this subject ?


If “Yes”, please provide the details of release


In case of Institution/Organization -
a. Name of the Institution/Orgn.     
b. Whether this is a parent or umbrella Institution    
c. Location     
d. Occasion (Number of years)


In case of Event -
a. Nature of event     
b. Duration of the event     
c. Dates of inauguration and valediction     
d. Participation level (Heads of Govts., National or International etc.)     


In case of Personality -
a. Name of the Personality     
b. Field of the work     
c. Date of birth     
d. Date of death     
e. Nativity of the Personality     


Details of the proponent -
a. Name of the proponent     
b. Address of the proponent     
c. City     
d. State     
e. PIN Code     
f. Telephone     
g. Fax Number     
h. e-mail id     


a. Suggested date of release
(Please give 3 options)
b. location of release     


Enclosures needed -
a. Written brief (700-1000 words)             Annex ‘A’
b. Source of data and authentication from published Govt. sources.
c. Visuals, Photos, drawings etc.               Annex ‘b’
d. Soft copy of all the above (CD/DVD)     Annex ‘A’


In the event of the proposal being approved, what will be the requirement from the proponent
(As per ‘Rules for Issue of Commemorative Postage Stamps’, Proponents for the stamps relating to institutions/events/large organisations or proponents belonging to institutions/organisations/trusts etc. requesting for a stamp on personalities are required to make a mandatory purchase of a minimum number of 1 lakh stamps. In case of global institution with its headquarters outside India, purchase of stamps and requisite philatelic ancillaries worth of  25 lakhs will be mandatory.)

a. *Stamps -
b. First Day Cover (blank) @ Rs. 5/- -
c. First Day Cover (cancelled) [ 11 + face value of Stamp(s)] -
d. Brochure @  5/- -
e. **Presentation pack @  100/- -
f. Blow-up @ Rs. 4000/- (30”X40”)
                   @ Rs. 3000/- (20”X24”) -
g. Stamps Album (Deluxe) @ Rs. 300/- -

* The stamp denomination, as per prevailing rates, is minimum  5/- and maximum  20/- per stamp.

** Presentation pack will contain Stamps, First Day Cover and Information Brochure in a specially designed folder.


1. Prices of philatelic products are subject to change & will be as per the prevailing price of the day of release.

2. Payment can be made to the nearest Head Post Office through cash/cheque/Demand Draft. Cheque and Demand Draft can be made in favour of Postmaster of the concerned Head Post Office.

3. For any other information (Rules, Function Guidelines etc.), please visit

Signature with date

Terms and Conditions:-

1. Proposal should be received by Philately Division of Department of Posts at least 18 months ahead of the proposed date of release.

2. Commemorative Stamp will not be issued again on the same issue/event/occasion/personality.

3. Defence related subjects should be routed through Addl. DG, Army Postal Service.

4. Application will be taken up for consideration only if all the information is complete and submitted in prescribed format.

5. Receipt of application does not oblige the Department to issue a stamp.

6. Decision of the Department of Posts will be final in all matter related to Commemorative Postage Stamps.

7. Date will be fixed on the basis of significance of the proposal and/or as per the annual Stamp Issue Calendar of the Department.

8. Dates once fixed shall not be changed.

9. Payment for material demanded will be made in at least two months in advance as prescribed and copy of receipt shall be provided to the Philately Division.

10. The function protocol prescribed shall be followed.

I/We hereby agree to the stipulated terms and conditions of Department of Posts and shall abide to make payment for mandatory purchases as per the Rule cited above, if our proposal is approved for stamp issue.

I/We accept that Stamp design shall be decided by the Department of Posts. Religious symbols, prefixes/suffixes with the name of personalities will not be incorporated in the design and in case of any dispute; the decision of Department of Posts shall be final.

I/We understand that the Commemorative Postage Stamp will not be reprinted in any case.

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