‘My Stamp’ is the brand name for personalized sheets of Postage Stamps of India Post. The personalization is achieved by printing a thumb nail photograph of the images and logos of institutions, or images of artwork, heritage buildings, famous tourist places, historical cities, wildlife, other animals and birds etc., alongside the selected My Stamp theme stamp.


Customized My Stamp is a personalized sheet of Postage Stamps wherein the corporate, organizations and institutions can get their customized sheets printed from India Post. Alongside these customized themed stamps, the organization may opt for printing of their logo, images of their organization/institute printed.

One My Stamp Sheet contains 12 stamps with face value of each stamp being Rs. 5/- and the cost of one sheet is Rs. 300/-.

Quantity of My Stamp Sheets mandatory for Corporate CustomersCost of one sheet (in Rs.)Total amount payable for 5000 sheets (in Rs.)
After discount of 20%, applicable for Corporate Customers12,00,000/-

Terms & Conditions

1. Customer :-

(i) The organization/company will contact by email place the order for printing Customized My Stamp. The application along with Order Form needs to be submitted by an authorised signatory. This should be accompanied by a valid ID proof of authorised signatory issued by the organization/company.

(ii) The requirement for getting these Customized My Stamp sheets printed is as follows:

  • An Institute/Organization is required to get at least 5000 sheets printed. More can be ordered in multiples of 5000.
  • A discount of 20% of the total amount is permitted for corporate Customers.

(iii) The organization/company will be fully responsible for their softcopy/hardcopy of photograph quality. The organization/company will also be responsible for any issues of propriety of the image brought by him for printing on ‘My Stamp” sheets, including copy right issues.

(iv) The organization/company will have to place the demand for the above mentioned product at least a month in advance.

(v) The organization/company will indicate specific quantities of Customized My Stamp sheets which they intend to get printed in the Application along with Order Form. The requisite amount may be deposited with the nearest Head Post Office/Post office from where it is desired to collect the Customized My Stamps. The confirmation of payment along with the copy of the receipt may be sent to so that the supply may be arranged in time.

(vi) India Post will print 1,000 My Stamp Sheets more than the quantity ordered by the Customer, at its own cost, for sale online at e-post office.

(vii) India Post will not be liable for any wrong information produced by Customer.

(viii) The organization/company shall not submit any images which may contravene the law or erode any moral values of society or which are against the interest of any third party, country or India Post. In particular, the image shall not contain or imply or suggest any of the following: -

  • Anything illegal, offensive, insulting or immoral
  • Anything dishonest, deceptive or unpatriotic
  • Any religious or political content

(ix) The organization/company shall ensure that the My Stamp must not be used for resale, whether it is commercial or political without any prior written consent of India Post.

(x) Stamp designs are subject to change without notice. The organization/company must agree and accept India Post’s terms and conditions for My Stamp before submitting the order.

(xi) India Post reserves the right not to print an image submitted if in its opinion such image is unacceptable, without giving reasons, in such instances, India Post will refund the payment.

(xii) India Post reserves the right to amend, vary, delete or add to any of these terms and conditions from time to time without notice or liability to you.

(xiii) Order received will not be changed and amount will not be refunded in any circumstances.

(xiv) Printed sheet once given to customer will not be taken back.

2. Delivery and Dispatch: -

(i) The organization/company is required to collect their stamp sheets within 7 working days from the date of intimation by this office.

(ii) The organization/company has the option of appointing a receiver with an authority letter with attested signature of receiver and the acknowledgment form. The receiver should carry photo ID Proof issued by any Govt. Organisation.

(iii) The organization/company may request for “My Stamp Sheets” to be delivered by post. It may be delivered by Registered Post or Speed Post. Delay in delivery will not be a legal matter.