My Stamp

‘My Stamp’ is the brand name for personalized sheets of Postage Stamps of India Post. The personalization is achieved by printing a thumb nail photograph of the customer images and logos of institutions, or images of artwork, heritage buildings, famous tourist places, historical cities, wildlife, other animals and birds etc., alongside the selected Commemorative Postage Stamp.

‘My Stamp’ was first introduced in India during the World Philatelic Exhibition, ‘INDIPEX-2011’. There was considerable demand for it during the exhibition and many requests to resume its printing have since been received. This enthusiasm from stamp lovers prompted India Post to extend the ‘My Stamp’ scheme to cover all Postal Circles. This scheme is available in selected Philatelic Bureaux and counters /Important Post offices/Post Offices situated at tourist places. Selected themes are available at selected My Stamp Counters.


1. (i) The customer will fill the My Stamp Order Form indicating choice of stamps from available stamp sheetlets. The filled in form is to be handed over to the operator after being duly signed on the order form (not on acknowledgement portion) and on reverse also on the space provided for signature of customer. He/She will have to produce any ID proof issued by Govt. Authority. (ii) He will make the appropriate payment to counter clerk and also receive the acknowledgement slip. The cost of one My Stamp sheet is Rs. 300/-.

(iii) He can get his/her photograph clicked or provide the same in hard/soft copy. Customer can also provide a copy of family photograph/photos of friends, relatives etc. for getting My Stamp. The images and logo of institutions or images of artwork, heritage buildings, famous tourist places, historical cities, wildlife, other animals and birds etc. can also be considered in place of photograph of individuals provided the same are furnished by the customer in hard/soft copy. However, the images so used should be free of copy right restrictions.

(iv) Applications for ‘My Stamp’ from corporate customers will also be considered. The application alongwith Order Form needs to be submitted by an authorised signatory. This should be accompanied by a valid ID proof of authorised signatory issued by the organization/company. A minimum quantity of 100 sheets will be mandatory for corporate customers. Images or Logo of the corporate organizations can be printed alongside the stamp.

(v) The delivery of ‘My Stamp’ sheetlets will be effected, after the required processing time.

(vi) In case of exhibition/ extension counter, the customer will also have the option to collect his/her sheetlets in seven working days from same counter or any other specified office.

(vii) The customer is required to collect his/her stamp sheetlets within 07 working days during office hours. No responsibility will rest on the Department of Posts for loss of the said stamp after this period.

(viii) Blank sheetlets will not be supplied to the customer, and printed sheets, once given, will not be taken back.

(ix) The payments made are not refundable.


(i) Customer may get his/her photograph clicked at the counter or handover the same in softcopy/Hardcopy. The customers may give soft/hard copy of the photograph of their relatives/friends/family, logo/symbol, images of artwork, heritage buildings, famous tourist places, historical cities, wild life, other animals and birds etc., subject to such images not being of offensive nature in any way.

(ii) Camera of appropriate specifications is being used by Department of Posts, but no responsibility of photo quality lies with the Department.

(iii) No photo editing will be done by operator.

(iv) Customer will be fully responsible for his/her Softcopy/Hard copy photograph quality. The customer will also be responsible for any issues of propriety of the image brought by him for printing on ‘My Stamp’ sheets, including copy right issues.

Note :- The Corporate Customers will be required to submit an application on their official letter pad. Individuals can also get the photo clicked on the spot.

Delivery and Dispatch:-

(i) The customer will have to produce the acknowledgement slip, duly signed, at the time of delivery.

(ii) If customer is unable to collect his/her stamps personally, he has the option of appointing a receiver with an authority letter with attested signatures of the receiver and the acknowledgement slip. The receiver should carry a photo ID Proof issued by any Govt. Organization.

(iii) The customer may request for ‘My Stamp’ to be delivered by post. It may be delivered by registered post or Speed Post. The delivery charges will be borne by the customer.

Note:-The Department of Posts is not responsible for any technical fault and delivery delay due to technical fault or shortage of stock.

Discount Slabs

The more a customer buys the My Stamp the more he gains. The discount structure is detailed below.

S.No.No. of My Stamp SheetletsDiscount
1Purchase of 2 -100 My Stamp Sheetlets10% discount
2Purchase of more than 100 My Stamp Sheetlets20% discount

Note: Discount of 20% will be allowed only on additional sheetlets over 100. For e.g if a customer purchases 200 My Stamp sheetlets, he will get 10% discount on first 100 sheetlets and 20% discount on sheetlets over and above the first 100 sheetlets.

The above discounts are to be given only to such customers who buy My Stamps from such Post Office counters that are manned by postal officials such as Philatelic Bureaus/Counter/Postal/Philatelic Museums and where hardware, space and manpower is not outsourced.